Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City Philippines

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Complete guide to Angeles City Philippines Nightlife

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It is true the Angeles City Philippines is beautiful which is surrounded by so many beautiful attractions. There are beach, islands, parks and other tourists’ places which the tourists should explore. But this is not the reason which makes Angeles City Philippines popular among tourists. The main reason due to which the guys visit this city is not its attractions but Angeles City Philippines nightlife.

The other name of this city is sin city because founding girls there for sex is much easy than finding a room in the hotel. There are so many venues in the city which is specifically designed for this purpose. As compare to other countries, you do not need to be worried about police or legal department because sex, prostitution, and nudity are legal in this part of the country. This is why people from the West visiting there to enjoy the naughty nightlife and have fun

What are the venues to enjoy Angeles City Philippines nightlife?

Usually, bars, clubs, nightclubs, strip clubs and go-go clubs are famous places to pick the girls but in Angeles city, there is no such kind of limit exists. You can pick girls from popular roads of the city, the main street market, bus top or even from the restaurants. Some professional sex workers also approach for sex in public transport. In short, the whole city is the venue to pick the girls any time of the day but the night is the perfect time because more and more options are available.

Angeles City Nightlife


The concept of Angeles City pool party is increasing day by day. Hotels which have swimming pool arrange pool parties in which their model performed nude and semi-nude. The popular example of such type of hotel and their bar is ABC hotel or the hotel beach club etc. These pool parties are so much to attend but sadly they took place occasionally and usually for the business promotion. So if you want to enjoy the Angeles City pool party then you must update yourself about the upcoming Angeles city pool party. For this purpose you can use the internet where many hotels do post schedule about their pool party.

How much it cost to enjoy Angeles City Philippines nightlife?

The price to enjoy nightlife depends on so many different factors. For example, if you are not interested in sex then watching strip shows, enjoying drinks and dance of live model does not cost more than 2000 pesos. The main portion of this price belongs to bar fine which actually starts from 1500 pesos. Some of the new strip clubs also offer free entry in their clubs but then the price of food and drinks in their clubs are high but still, they are an affordable price to enjoy the night.

Angeles City Nightlife

For sex, the price depends on many factors which include the girl nationality, age, beauty, and availability. Usually, the girls who are young and beautiful charge as long as 5000. The Russian and Indian girls do not charge much but local girls of Angeles City is usually expensive.

Do hotels allow bringing girls in your room?

Due to the demands, the hotels in Angeles city Philippines allow their guests to bring as many as girls they want. They do not even stop you to party hard in your room as long as you do not break their bed. There are also very cheap hotels available who charge for hours instead of per night. These hotels are usually a good choice for those tourists who visit Angeles city for few hours to enjoy its nightlife.

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