Angeles City Philippines

Angeles City Philippines

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Nightlife in Angeles City

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It is true that the nightlife of Angeles city Philippines is famous for his sex tourism, dance, alcohol, and casino but it does not mean that it does not have anything else to offer. If you are the one who is looking for something different while you traveling to this beautiful city then our following “To do things list” could help you.


If you are tired with the all the lights of the city, dance, casino and want to take rest then there is no other better place than lounges which offers you peaceful environment and fresh air in the night. The concept of visiting sky bar lounges is not very common in another part of the world in term of nightlife but in nightlife in Angeles city could not be completed without sky bar. There are very few sky bars are located in the main city. One of the examples of sky bar for lounges is Azzuro Hotel and MacArthur Highway. Queens hotel and Central Park Tower also has beautiful lounges to take a breath after a busy day in Angeles City Philippines.

Live Band Discos:

Angeles city nightlife is also famous for live music at different places. You can visit R&B club or Klub Bossa to enjoy life music. The type of music could be any including disco, rock, classic and modern music etc. Although, the GoGo bars also has facilities for live music but if you want to take enjoy the real experience of music in the city then it is better to visit the clubs we have mentioned above or Angeles city bars like Phillies Sports Bar & Grill.


Angeles City Nightlife

Clubbing in Angeles City:

While the city’s nightlife is famous for girly bars but still there are a number of famous clubs are there where you can enjoy more than just drinking and getting seduced by the sexy girls. The popular clubs to get entertained in the Angeles city includes The Mansion in Friendship where some clubs has hosted the different events on different occasions throughout the year. You can enjoy live dance by local and upper-class models at one stage in these clubs and listen to live music. It is really hard to see anywhere else that upper-class models perform in clubs with local models but you can witness this in nightlife in Angeles City Philippines. Sure, some ladies and ladyboys will try to flirt in these clubs. So, you always have the option to pay them for their sexual services.

Angeles City Nightlife

Resto Pubs:

Due to the increase of sex tourism and girly bars, it does not become a bit difficult to found traditional resto-pubs to enjoy the beer with guys and make new friends but still, there are some popular spots like Bretto’s Grill & Sports Bar and Phillie’s Sports Grill where you can enjoy the traditional beer. Some of the resto-pubs are also opened near the Fields Avenue. So keep eye on all places when you are walking there because you may found something interesting to do there.

Live Band Resto Bars

Local bands performing in street is not very popular in the city so you need to do little struggle to found a place to enjoy live music and singing. The popular places where you can found this include Jazz Grill, The Meshiya, KM 91, El Potro and Rob’s Gastropub etc. But live music can be enjoyed there after 6 PM or sometimes even late. Local bands and singers perform there. You can enjoy the beer, other drinks, and even food to make it one of the memorable experiences. You can also found the company of girls there in case if you are interested in sex with them etc.


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