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Nightlife in Angeles city

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Clubbing, night life, bars, swimming pools, hot girls and drink, these are those things which makes Angeles city Philippines one of the most popular tourist place in Asia. In the day, you have many outdoor activities to do while in night, you should enter in a club or bar to get the real fun of the nightlife in Angeles City.

The city is famous for its nightlife, that’s why as compare to women, you will found this city full of male tourists who come to enjoy the nightlife all around the world. Especially, you will found the men from Western countries including America, Canada, and England etc.

The reason which makes Angeles City Philippines famous for its nightlife it the cheap sex tourism which is also legal here. According to the latest stats, there are 10 girls are available for only 1 men. This makes big difference and this is the reason why getting a girl to spend night cost very low.

Even the hotels where you stay allow you to bring girls for one night of few hours. Most of the hotels do not charge you anything for extra guests in the room. Some names hotels also offer you this service in which they help you to hire the girl for through escort agencies where some of them have girls in their own bars.

There are different ways to make your nightlife in Angeles city exclusive full with sex by hiring more than just one girl. You can found them in street, Angeles city bars, clubs and even in restaurants. But one of the most reliable ways to get hired them is through bar because you have always option to choose from hundreds.

Most of the bars are located directly on Fields Avenue, which is one of the busiest and best girl watching locations possible. It’s direct across from Mo’s Place at the corner of A. Santos Street (also known as “blow row” – I’ll leave it to your imagination).

Fields Avenue is one of the busiest corners in town, and it’s a blast to sit at Mo’s and watch the girls’ stream by. You can watch the bar girls coming to work at girly bars, and when you see a hottie that tickles your fancy, hop off your bar stool and dash across the street to claim your prize.

Generally, there is no specific time is fixed to enjoy  the famous Angeles city nightlight because the girly clubs and bars start offering their services from 12:00 pm (noon) to 6:00 AM (yeah, that bright shiny thing in the sky is the sun!). Remember, when you close the doors at any bar in the town, you can walk right across the street for an excellent breakfast at Mo’s, and watch the bar girls staggering home.

The bar may charge you some extra money for taking care of their girls but usually, the bar fine which you pay at the entrance are enough to get enjoyed the whole night in the club. But this does not include any kind of sexual activities. The GoGo dancers strips for you, touch your body parts and allow you to touch there but to do more than just that, you need to pay them extra for hours and the whole night.

The general cost of hiring a girl for whole night starts from $40 but it could be cost very high too. This depends on the age of the girl and how does she look like. Girls who are available in the bars are ready to go with all age of men as long as they are paying them their demanding money. So, do not worry if you are too old because Angeles city nightlife has something to offer to everyone.


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